The University of Southampton

The Centre for Flexible Electronics and E-Textiles undertakes research spanning fundamental materials, processing technologies,  system design and assembly through to enabling innovative applications. As well as undertaking world leading research, the Centre also manages the UK's E-Textiles Network bringing academic and industrial researchers together to address challenges and disseminate solutions. To find out more about the Network and to join please visit


Research Areas

Flexible Printed Circuits

Printed organic electrochemical transistors for multiplexing and switching applications developed on the WEARPLEX project.

Soft Smart Materials

Smart functionality can be achieved with electroactive polymers, printable flexible piezoelectric films and soft ferroelectret materials based on foams, novel polymers and textiles.

Textile-Based Energy Storage

Textile structures provide and excellent scaffold for supercapacitors and batteries to be integrated with the fabric.

Textile-Based Energy Harvesting

Powering E-Textiles is a challenge. We have developed numerous techniques for harvesting ambient energy as an alternative integrated power supply.

Flexible RF Antennas

Research covering the design, fabrication and testing of antennas and systems for RF energy harvesting and communication across a range of frequency bands.

Green Electronics

Centre members are involved in a collaborative project with ARM looking at the design, materials and manufacture of printed and flexible electronics in order to aid re-use or ensure biodegradability.

Applications and Systems

Flexible RFID Based Condition Monitoring

RFID technology removes the need for localised power supply. Captured energy enables the remote sensing a wide variety of environmental parameters including temperature and ice formation.

Textile Power Modules

A variety of textile based energy harvesting techniques have been combined with textile supercapacitors in the same fabric providing a textile power module able to replace batteries.

Wave Energy Converters

Development of novel high-performance polymers to harness ocean waves: the pilot “S3” Wave Energy Converter (WEC) will be deployed in Monaco waters and feed energy directly into the power grid.